Mobile search and rescue communication equipment

ResQMobil - Emergency Communication, Search and Rescue System

Everything is there, packed, and ready for a search. Read more…. Coquitlam 2 is our secondary command post, transportation and utility vehicle.

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It can also be used as a command post. When we are called by other search teams in the Province, this is the first vehicle we send. It comes fully equipped for multi day searches involving mountain rescue, avalanche rescue, rope rescue, and when towing the Argo or Polaris boat, ATV and inland water rescue.

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Coquitlam 3 is a trailered Polaris rigid hull inflatable with a 90 HP Jet drive motor for river, lake and swift water searches. Get precise co-ordinates, narrowed further to focus and speed up search and rescue operations. Aggregate information to get a bigger picture Connect teams using diverse communication technologies.

A Swift Water Rescue Primer for EMS Providers

Relay information from remote site to HQs. Turn raw, piecemeal information into actionable data for authorities. Integrates with most legacy radio systems and works across devices. Read More Blog Critical communications during earthquake recovery The frequency of catastrophic earthquakes Stay on top of all disasters. Setup communication network for first responders.

Portable emergency communication for rapid response

Restore mobile connectivity by creating an independent, private network dedicated for aid workers instantly. Conduct search and rescue operations.

go to link Identify and locate casualties by picking up signals off their mobile phones. Aggregate information to get a bigger picture. Connect teams using diverse communication technologies.

Our thoughts on disaster management, in one place. When a large-scale disaster causes VNL is pleased to announce its participation at VNL is proud to announce its participation at the